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On Thursday 12th May 2022, a further discussion took place between Captains on Whatsapp, in accordance with rule 37. it was formally suggested that the presentation night for the winners of all 2022 trophies would take place on a date to be decided. Difficulties, caused by COVID have meant that this seasons trophies have yet to be completed. In any event, due to the approved changes to have them engraved with team members names, they would only have been returned for this purpose in any event.


Discussion took place regarding the making of a trophy cabinet to house the League trophies in, together with a year book containing the names of past and future winners. This cabinet will be made and supplied, at cost, by Mike TROW of the Drednaughts. This is a massive gesture on his part, and warmly appreciated by the league.


The cabinet will be house at The Hundred House in the pool room. Again this is a massive gesture by Jacqui. It is supplied on the basis that it is League property, and is housed there until such time, and if, circumstances change in the future. Jacqui has agreed to 'adopt' the league, and provide a central point of contact for the future.  


No additional funds are sort to pay for the cabinet, as it will be paid for by the holding of a charity function, date to be decided, at the Hundred House in the near future. Charity to be decided, any thoughts, please let me know.


The existing League trophies are in poor condition, and years out of date. This year we will replace them with new ones, and update and clean the existing ones. The new trophies will remain in the cabinet on permanent display. The existing trophies will remain in the cabinet. It is intended to house a trophy displaying the names of the winners of the singles, doubles, most wins and Captains cup in the same cabinet.


This year, for the first time ever, the winners and runners up of the League, and the Knock Out cups will take away a trophy, engraved with the players names on, for their pub to retain permanently. This suggestion was made by me, seconded by Drednaughts and backed by all, and is a massive step to providing some pride in the League.


I believe having a trophy cabinet and a year book is also a massive plus for the League, and I hope to get some local press coverage when it is formally on display. Maybe we could also have some annual photographs of the winners on display too.


I find, as with every suggestion that I make, some members of the League raise objection. Valid objection is always welcome, but when I try to seek alternatives no sensible suggestions are made. Comments like divide the money it cost back to the teams are non relevant. This is self funding, and I beleive a massive boost to the Clun Valley Pool League.


Andy COULL had been involved in the administration of the league for well over 30years, and is to be highly commended for his service. Yet I hear continual critisism of him. I have been Chairman for 13 years now, and have tried hard to maintain a friendly, open League that everyone enjoys being a part of. I have cut down the meetings from upwards of 9 per season, to just 3 plus those held on Captains Cup night. The rules were amended some time ago, to allow decisions to be made mid seasaon without a meeting requiring personal attendance, and fines for not attending. (Rule 37) This rule has been used successfully to allow:


Kings Head:    Amend 6 weeks to 4 weeks in the amount of games to be played to qualify for singles and doubles competitions.


Newcastle:     Amend from 2 weeks to 4 weeks the time to play postponed matches.


Bowling Club:  Remove the matches played against Kings Head B from most wins tables when they withdrew from the League.


Therefore, in accordance with Rule 37, I formally asked, seconded by Crown for the cabinet and the trophies to be considered and voted on. To date, of the 12 League teams, one had objected, three have failed to respond, and 8 have voted for the proposal. Therefore the proposal is carried, and the work will be completed.


For 13 years at every AGM, we have asked for people to join us on the committee. Every year not one single person has come forward, yet, as with the trophy cabinet situation, opinions are voiced when we try to do anything. Please, stop complaining, and come join the committee to help us to try and make some of the decisions we try to make to improve our League and make it the envy of Leagues in nearby towns.








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Committee Meeting Number Two


Committee Meeting, held at 100 House, Purslow at 8.30p.m, immediately before Captains Cup night, on Tuesday 30th November 2021


Draw for Captains Cup made, and all games except final played in one evening thanks to the kindness of the 100 House Landlady who arranged 2 tables at very short notice. A big thank you to Jacqui and her staff for making the occasion such a great evening.


Winning Captains, through to finals night:


Jim Jones,  100 House  and Jim Hood,  Bucknell


I reckon Jim will win!


Rule changes, after proposals, and vote on night:


Rule 32:  Amount of games needed to be played to qualify for Singles and Doubles competitions.


It was proposed and seconded that the rule be amended from 6 games to 4 games to qualify for competitions. It was unamimously passed, and changed with immediate affect. Draws could not now be made on the night due to uncertainty as to additional qualifiers.



Rule 10:  Postponed games  and time limit to re arrange.


It was proposed and seconded that the rule be amended from 2 weeks to 4 weeks to rearrange postponed games. This was due to COVID difficulties. It was unanimously passed that all games in the first half of the season that needed rearranging must be  played by Week 13.  The four week rule would apply to games in the second half of the season, with the exception that all postponed games after game 21 must be played by Week 25 to ensure that the League finish date is not overrun.


As regards Doubles and Singles matches. These games usually are played with the winner stays on, and because of that cannot be postponed. The exception to this is a player having COVID.  Should that be the case, please arrange for the game involving you to be played on another date. Arrange this to be done as soon as possible






Committee Meeting Number One:


Committee Meeting, held at Kings Head, Bishops Castle at 8.30p.m. on Tuesday 21st September 2021


13 teams entered the League


The Sun B team who had earlier advised that they intended to enter a team withdrew that intention.


Fixture Lists were distributed by Clive Parry


Fees were collected from teams


Eight teams paid their aRegistration fees on the night, making £320

Five teams owed their Team regisration fees,                                £200


Total team registration collected on night                                      £320                                                                


Player registration fees collected on night                                      £480

player registration fees outstanding                                               £35


The total amount of revenue received, or to be received for team and player registration amounted to £1035


A total of £800 was collected on the night, with £235 remaining outstanding

A fee of £250 was paid to Clive PARRY for website rental and maintainence, plus stationery, covering the previous season, and the season going forward, therefore the amount handed to Andy COULL and subsequently banked amounted to £550



Fees owed by 100 House, Bowling Club, Craven Arms, and Drednaughts, amounting to £160 were subsequently paid directly into the Bank Account in the name of Clun Valley and Bishops Castle Pool.


Fees outstanding from The White Horse, amounting to £75 were paid by cash to Andy COULL on 14th October 2021.






The date of the first match was brought forward due to the dates affected the Christmas break from 30th November 2021 to 23rd November 2021.


As this was short notice (2 days) a concession was given to Kings Head A and B teams, who has prior arrangments, and an extension allowed from the normal 2 week period to 4 weeks to complete the re arranged fixtures.


Mr.WIGHT the landlord of the Kings Head was asked if he could provide two tables for Captains Cup night, on Tuesday 30th November 2021, and he stated he would do his best.


These was no other business, and the meeting was concluded, the the next meeting to take place on Tuesday 30th November 2021, at Kings Head, Bishops Castle, immediately prior to the Captains Cup knock out games.











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