Clun Valley Pool League
Clun Valley Pool League

Corona virus, and the League



Following the advice currently being given by the Government and Health officials, it is with regret, and with the consent of Captains, that I am suspending the League with immediate effect.


It is believed that two of the ways the virus is transmitted are skin to skin contact, or by coming into contact with contaminated hard surfaces. This could potentially include things like pool balls if contaminated by someone carrying the virus. The virus is airborne, and can also be transmitted from infected people by sneezing, etc. 


The safety and well-being of us all is more important than playing pool, or unnecessary social contact with each other.


We will have to be guided by official advice as to when the time is right to recommence fixtures, and if necessary, we will call a meeting at that time to decide the way ahead.


My best wishes go out to everyone, and the hope that we all suffer minimum disruption, and good health until we meet again.


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