Clun Valley Pool League
Clun Valley Pool League

Next Meeting will be the A.G.M to be held at 8.30p.m. on Tuesday 5th September 2017 at The Crown, Clunton.

Please bring any suggestions/requests to the meeting. Any changes in rules must be subject of a vote, on the basis of one vote/one team.


A few of the suggestions to be discussed are listed below. If you want to make any changes please contact me unless you will be at the meeting yourself.



1.  The doubles played at the Finals took a mammoth about of time to play, and prevented other games from carrying forward. It is suggested we return to the old doubles format which allows for talking on the first shot only, and will significantly speed up events.


2.  The use of referees on Finals Night be considered. They need to be neutral, and therefore I suggest we increase player registration to £3, singles entry to £3 and doubles entry to £6 a pair. Based on this season, that would generate additional income of approx £150. From the extra income, I'm sure we could offer an incentive for some referees to come forward.


3.  A fine of £5 for any player who enters the singles or doubles knock out and fails to turn up without 48 hours notice to the other player, extenuating circumstances accepted. It is unfair for a player to travel some distance to then find out he has no match.


4.  To qualify for the most wins trophy a player must play a minimum of 25 games during the season.


5.  Finals night is split over 2 nights due to the time involved and to avoid late finishing.


6.  Finals night is restricted to Team Knock Out Final, Doubles Final, Singles Semi and Final matches, Captain's Cup Final. Taking away Doubles semi's, Singles Quarters, and Captains Cup Quarters and Semi's will save a potential 30 frames, and a significant time.

A maximum of 15 frames would then take place as opposed to a maximum potential 45 frames 




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