Clun Valley Pool League
Clun Valley Pool League

2021/22 season A.G.M



The A.G.M for the new season, and to discuss the ending of the 2019 season took place at 8.30pm on Tuesday 7th September  2021 at The Kings Head, Bishops Castle.


The meeting was opened by Andy COULL, who advised that the current state of the Bank Account, after paying all expenses and purchasing last seasons trophies was that we had £4.75p left in the account.


Andy COULL,the Secretary and Treasurer, togher with Clive PARRY, the Chairman and Fixtures Secretary resigns, as is normal at the A.G.M

They were both unanimously re-elected.

A request to seek additional assistance to run the League met with no volunteers.


It was proposed by Clive Parry that this years fees would be:

entry  £40

player registration £5 each

entry into singles and doubles competitions would be £5 per player, so £5 for singles, £10 per couple for doubles.


This was seconded by Andy COULL, and the vote was carried unanimously.


14 teams stated that they would be entering this season.


A proposal was made by Matt JONES that the League matches take place first during the season, and the singles and doubles competitions take place upon completion of those fixtures.


A counter proposition was made by Clive PARRY that things should remain as they are as the league would become disfunction with teams and individuals finishing at different times, and that interest would dwindle for those out of competions at an early stage.


A vote was taken, with Matt JONES proposition being defeated 7 votes to 4, therefore the format of the season would remain the same as in previous seasons.


It was announced that the new season would commence on Thursday 30th September 2021.


No other issues were discussed, and the meeting was closed, with the next committee meeting scheduled to take place at the Kings Head on Tuesday 21st Sepember 2021

when fees will be paid, and fixtures will be handed out.



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